We built Cicero Digital Vault™ for you. Because you deserve a completely secure and private Digital Vault for everything you’ve ever posted to social media, that is convenient and efficient. All your Social Media content is safely backed up and never gets lost, even if your Social Network account is cancelled.

We take data security very seriously. As we like to say – just because they call it “social media”, it doesn’t mean that anyone other than you should have access to it.

Your login, authentication and every piece of content stored in your account are fully encrypted. Our AWS-powered systems employ anti-hacking components to monitor for suspicious activity. Our front-end uses CSRF tokens to prevent cross-site forgery. No one – not even Cicero – has any access to your password or to your data. We simply provide you with the secure Digital Vault platform.

Additional security features such as two-factor authentication allow you to further increase the level of security protecting your account. Our team is a group of experienced creators and technologists, who have spent years creating solutions in the digital-content space. We’ve applied our collective experience and expertise to build a platform that is seamless and easy to use and employs the highest levels of data security.

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