Questions About your Account

Can I change my payment settings?

You sure can! In the account settings, you can edit your credit card in the “Credit Card info” tab.

How often does my credit card get charged?

Your credit card will be charged once every year, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

I signed up, but never received a confirmation email to activate my account – what do I do?

On the “Activate your account” screen – you have the option of double-checking that you’ve entered your email correctly. Simply click on the “didn’t receive an email” button and assure your desired email is entered correctly. If you need to edit your email – you can do so in the editable field. You can resend an email by clicking the “Resend the email” button

What does Cancel Subscription mean? Can I recover my backup after cancelling the account?

Cancelling your subscription will discontinue your ability to use Cicero Digital Vault™ after the end of your current billing cycle. Upon reaching the end of the billing cycle, you will not be charged anew, your content will be deleted from Cicero Digital Vault™, and you will not have access to Cicero Digital Vault™. Until then, you will still be able to access your Cicero Digital Vault™ account, and will have the opportunity to reactivate your account via “Manage Subscription”.

There is a red dot next to the account menu – what does it mean?

The red dot indicates that there is an issue with charging your current credit card. Please visit “Credit card info” in settings for more details.

Questions about your Backup 

What content is backed up by Cicero Digital Vault™?

Cicero Digital Vault™ securely backs up all photos, videos, and posts/tweets that you uploaded to your social network account. All backed up content can be viewed in Cicero Digital Vault™.

Is there any size limitation of my backup?

No size limitation whatsoever! Cicero Digital Vault™ will back up all your content, no matter how big your backup is!

What social networks are currently supported by Cicero Digital Vault™?

Cicero Digital Vault™ currently supports Facebook, Twitter and Instagram backups.

Does Cicero Digital Vault™ back up my social network account automatically?

No. In order to assure that your latest content is safely backed up to your Cicero Digital Vault™ account – be sure to click the “Update Backup” button in the left panel.

Can I add more than 1 account per social network (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)?

Cicero Digital Vault™ currently allows you to back up 1 account per social network. At any time, you can remove a currently-linked social network (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) account, by deleting the backup, and add a different social network (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) account for backup.

Can I delete pictures/videos from my backup?

No – We do not support deleting content in this version.

What happens if I delete my social network (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) account? Is my backup safe with Cicero Digital Vault™?

Yes – the moment your content is backed up to Cicero Digital Vault™, it is safe and sound, even if your social network (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) account is deleted. With your active Cicero Digital Vault™ account, you can continue to view and/or download all your backed up photos, videos, and posts/tweets.

What are “My Collections”?

“Collections” are customized albums, in which you can select desired photos and save them in your own customized albums, or “collections”. “My Collections” gives you an overview of all your customized albums, and allows you to perform various functions (rename album, download album, etc)

What is “Detect Faces”

“Detect faces” will use facial recognition to detect face(s) in a specific photo, search throughout all your photos for the selected face, and will present you with all photos in which that face appears. Each photo in the search result will be labeled with an icon – indicating the source of that photo. From the facial search results page – you can save the photos to a new/existing “Collection”

I posted/tweeted a GIF – where can I find it in my Cicero Digital Vault™ backup?

Twitter: The GIF will appear in both the Videos tab and Tweets tab (clicking on GIF in “Tweets” will play the GIF). Instagram: The GIF will appear in both the Videos tab and Posts tab (clicking on GIF in “Posts” will play the GIF).Facebook: If the GIF you posted was generated from somewhere outside of Facebook and uploaded as a post – the GIF will be backed up in Cicero Digital Vault™ and appear in both the Videos tab and Posts tab (clicking on GIF in “Posts” will play the GIF). If the GIF was Facebook-generated – it will only appear as a static picture in “Posts”. Clicking on the pic will allow you to view the GIF (via link).

My Facebook backup did not completely back up on the first try. What happened?

While not a common occurrence, there could be instances in which there are technical issues with Facebook that temporarily avoid us from backing up your content. When we notice that something’s not right – we jump right into action! We handle this situation by updating you via email that your backup has not (yet) completed. In parallel, we will continue to automatically retry your Facebook backup until all your content is safely backed up to Cicero Digital Vault™. When your backup completes – you’ll receive an update via email (as always).

I’m trying to view my downloaded posts/tweets – but I’m seeing a blank screen when opening the posts HTML file. Where are my posts/tweets?

Posts/tweets that are downloaded from Cicero Digital Vault™ are saved to your device as a .zip file. In certain cases (example – when opening the .zip file using “Windows Explorer” on a PC) – opening the post/tweet .html file will appear as a blank page/file. The best way to avoid this from happening is to extract the entire downloaded .zip file to your device, and only afterwards going into the folder and selecting the post/tweet .html file.

Why am I suddenly seeing duplicates of certain photo(s) in my Facebook backup?

If a Facebook album was backed up to Cicero Digital Vault™, and you subsequently change the name of that album in Facebook – updating your Cicero Digital Vault™ backup will create a new album under the new name, and back up all the album’s photos anew (which might cause the duplication in “Photos” view). (Another example of this from your “everyday life” can be seen when creating a copy of a folder on your computer under a different name, while preserving the same files). A simple way to avoid this duplication is by deleting your backup (via the left panel) and adding your Facebook anew – to create a fresh, updated backup.

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