Data insight Get personal with your database

People-based marketing only works if you get to know the people you want to engage, and most data owners have limited visibility of who the person behind the email address is. Because we match email data to cookie and device IDs, we can deliver a three dimensional profile of an individual using both deterministic and live behavioural filters.

Data cleansing Guarantee GDPR compliance and enhance data performance

Most data owners can tell you about the quantity of their data, but not the quality. We’ll carry out a deep audit to remove the villains (bad domains, hard bounces and spam traps) and ensure you’re only mailing to active addresses – driving better performance from your data.

Data monetisation Turn your data into revenue

If you’re a data owner, we can help you earn money for the information you hold – without compromising on control. Even if you don’t have opt-in, we can match the fields you have, to our own opted-in database. You set limitations on offer types and mailing frequency, and let us do the heavy lifting while you earn a revenue share every time your data is mailed to.

We unlock the value of email data as a consumer’s digital fingerprint.

Only email can deliver a reliable picture of true customer intent (when was the last time you clicked on an irrelevant email?), and only email can be linked to cookies and device IDs to give a dynamic single customer view. Our purpose-built platform supercharges customer acquisition by using multichannel data tied to the email address.

Auditing & audiences

We’ll audit your existing data to increase deliverability, or you can opt to use our customisable GDPR compliant managed audiences.

Acquisition & retargeting

Our platform combines the precision of email targeting with the scale of display, to reach and retarget custom audiences across all digital channels. Driving 22% more conversions.

Site abandonment

Typically, over 90% of your website traffic is anonymous – you do not know who they are. Our platform can identify some of these and send an email that encorages them back to the site, converting them into customers.

Creative design

In-house design backed up by email delivery expertise. We’ll add interactive GIFs, forms, and rollovers to your emails, so your customers are more engaged and more likely to convert in-mail.

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